Monday, December 4, 2017

Windrush Junction

  Latest development is the completion (is anything ever completely finished on a layout ?) of the station building for "Windrush Junction".   

What's in a name ?   With the dock / seaside village of "Boxer Bay"  I needed a name for my other station.  A splendid suggestion from my Dad who came up with it.  For those classic English Comedy film fans,  you might be able to figure out where the name came from !
 The Station is a nice kit from Skytrex,  formally NMB models.   Resin with white metal details. It went together with minimal work,  and the size fits in nicely with the space available and theme of my Col. Stephens railway.  Now time to start adding some details,  and get painting some proper figures !     I'm working on some history (fictional of course) notes for the B.B.R.,  complete with maps and slightly updated / revised track plan.    Cheers

Monday, October 30, 2017

Stone Bridge

  More progress on the creek and stone bridge this week.   The plaster bridge casting was painted and weathered with acrylic paints and chalk powders.  Later I added a bit of vegetation growth on the side with Woodland Scenics flock and some Elmers glue.   The creek now has a base.  I'm pretty happy with the overall shape and look.  Next phase will be painting and then the tricky bit of adding the water,  which I've never done before !

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Adding the creek

Operating my railway the other day,  I decided it was time to make it less flat,  and discovered I had a nice plaster casting of a stone bridge that just happened to be the right size for a small bridge,  so out came the saws,  carving knives and after an afternoon of some fun,  this is the result.  I do plan on having a couple hills and tunnels,  but I thought this was a nice variation on the terrain,  lower then track level.   Next up is painting & weathering the bridge,  as well as maybe a detail or 2,  and installation.  Then the creek itself is up next.  This is what I really enjoy about building a layout,  scenery,  so much fun !

Monday, September 18, 2017

Col. ~ The Water's Arrived !

  "Col.  The water tower is finished !"  There was much rejoicing in Boxer Bay,  another important structure is now complete  (at least for now).  A very nice resin kit by Skytrex (originally by NMB models I believe).   It looks very impressive and definitely demonstrates the awesome size of O scale structures.  I'm happy that I didn't try to jam in more track then I'd originally wanted to !   With the position of the loco shed and tower,  it frames the view of passing trains through the station nicely.

  Who am I kidding,  building these structures is just delaying the unavoidable track ballasting,  guess I'd better start soon,  maybe tomorrow,  or next week,  it'll kill a few cold dark Winter hours I'm sure.
Cheers !

 Love this vantage point !

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Beautiful Shed !

  With Summer almost over,  and not many updates posted,  thought it was time for a report on the projects the B.B.R. has been working on.  
  I really wanted to do a little work on making the layout look like a railway,  instead of the "Pink Foam Railway".   Before I ballast the track though,  I decided it was a good idea to build and install my platforms in the station area,  that way the ballast won't get in the way when it came time to install them.  They are by no means finished,  with details like lamps,  bench seats,  and weathering to do,  but the basic platforms are in.   More on those later.   
  I thought it had been long enough without a major structure on the layout too,  so I got to work on a pretty nice laser cut kit by LCUT,   fairly inexpensive at  £36.99.  Their Small Loco Shed seemed just right for my Col. Stephens line,  and a good fit for my small station at Boxer Bay Jct.   Overall I was very happy with the kit,   everything fit pretty good,  and was easy to build with simple wood glue. Instructions could have been better - what else is new !  Painting and weathering was easy,  with chalk powders giving the final touch.  
  I'm still learning and think my weathering is getting better,  but I also build within my limits,  so I maintain a consistent level throughout my modelling.  Here is a few photos of how the scene now looks,  starting to look more like a Railway.   Hope Everyone has a Great Time @ Telford Guildex  :))  All for now ! 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Summer Update - Trackwork

Hello everyone,
Where have I been ?   It's  been a little while since the last update on the BBR.  Well nicer weather,  busy with work, garden etc... have left limited time for the railway.   However I've managed to get a couple things done lately,  including painting the rails / track.   This was done with a spray can,  I know I took the easy way out !   But I will go back and brush paint in some effects in certain areas like the loco shed to add a bit of variety in rail colours,  and I'll weather the sleepers in due course.    What a difference it makes once you paint the rails,  night and day !

I've also managed to install my first buffer stop,  not exactly as exciting as a new loco,  but in O scale even a buffer stop looks impressive,  at least to me !   This one is built and modified from the Peco rail type,  I used a wood beam instead of the supplied rail one,  and installed a lantern taken from the original Peco beam.    

The next step will be continuing with weathering the track,  and then comes the fantastic,  joyful task of ballasting.   The Colonel is busy recruiting inmates at the local prison,  and looking for volunteers to get this stage of development moving forward  😊