Thursday, January 25, 2018

Vintage Thursdays

 One of my passions is history,  be it railways,  or just about anything else.  If I could invent the Flux Capacitor and install it on my Honda I would.  While awaiting Doc Brown's DeLorean time machine to become a reality,  the next best thing is to enjoy what has traveled from the past,  and I do enjoy looking through vintage magazines.   I thought I'd start a new weekly blog posting showing either a model or model railway from out of the past.  Sharing what some of these really talented modelers achieved back in the day,  when you needed to have talent and ingenuity to get what you desired,  and to remember not to take for granted what we enjoy today in the form of supplies,  tools,  kits and RTR models that are superb.   The photos may not be top quality,  but I believe they have a bit of feeling and atmosphere to them.  Every Thursday check back for another slice of the past !    I wonder where these models are today,  did they survive ?  I hope so.

This week:
"Caley" In O Gauge  by  J.F. Vaux  (1960)  Model Railway News
A superb looking model railway featuring the Caledonian Railway.  According to the article it's construction began in 1920 !  Locos all being hand made.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Cheap Buffer Stops

 I really enjoy looking for ways to save money on my hobby,  and couldn't pass up a cheap project for my dockside,  Lima buffer stops.   I could shell out $25 / $30 plus for a nice kit,  prototypical accurate etc..  but being on a limited budget in O scale,  I need to cut corners.  Your hobby can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be.  Overall these are nice pieces from Lima of Italy,  of long long ago.   I modified the modernish European buffers by removing them,  sanding and fitting a solid wood beam.  Also a repaint with acrylics,  and some weathering with washes / powders made an improvement.  Final touch was a new top layer of ballast.  Overall very happy with them and the total cost,  for 2 buffer stops,  including shipping  was  $6 USD !   Who said O is expensive !

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Where the Magic Happens

 Well,  sort of.   I consider myself an average model builder who is (hopefully) improving with each kit or project I work on.  The biggest thing I have to work on is probably the toughest for a lot of us,  patience !
I love starting,  and finishing projects.  I also enjoy the middle,  but if it starts to take what I perceive to be too long,  I start to rush a job.   

 To start off the new year,  I decided it was time to tidy up the workshop,  in preparation for a new year of model building.  As much as I love my 7mm railway and models,  I also enjoy building 1950s Grand Prix and Sports Cars,  Ships,  and now a new interest also in O scale,  but 1/4"  Proto 48,  set in British Columbia in the 1950s.  It's going to be a busy year.  

 One New Year's Resolution I have is to spend at least 1 hour per day at the workbench.  If there is any chance of that happening,  it'll need to be organized,  clean,  and be a pleasant place to be.  Luckily it's a nice room on the main floor of our home,  has good natural light,  well heated,  and access to the internet with infinite music available !

 I like my space to be just that,  space.   I don't like a lot of tools or parts lying around.  I keep most of my tools in 6 drawers on a side table,  easily within reach when needed,  that way most of the table is kept clear for the projects.  I have a few favorite paintings hung that inspire me in different ways,  one is Terence Cuneo's  Bentley vs Blue Train,  boy if I could only be able to paint like that !
New where did I put that drill  :)

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Happy New Year

2017 came and went so quickly.  So much has been done on the railway,  I'm pretty happy with how it has developed.  In 2018 we should start to see just how the scenic side of things will look,  which is my favorite part of building a model railway.  Perhaps,  a first locomotive project will get under way,  and I must do something for coaching stock, the passengers are complaining about riding in open wagons  !

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Happy Holidays

  Just a bit of fun :)  quickly filmed video featuring a " special " delivery to Windrush Junction.  Work on the railway for 2017 is just about finished for the year.  A lot has been accomplished considering the limited time I've had to work on it.  All track / electrical work complete,  control panels finished,  extension to fiddle / storage sidings in closet finished (* topic of future post),  track painted,  platforms built,  main station building,  loco shed,  and water tower all built and mostly finished say a little weathering / detailing. Fortunately a lot more modelling to look forward to in 2018,  so much to do ;)

From the staff of the B.B.R.
We Wish Everyone a Happy Holiday Season,  and a Super Healthy Fun Productive 2018  !      Cheers,   Felix

Monday, December 4, 2017

Windrush Junction

  Latest development is the completion (is anything ever completely finished on a layout ?) of the station building for "Windrush Junction".   

What's in a name ?   With the dock / seaside village of "Boxer Bay"  I needed a name for my other station.  A splendid suggestion from my Dad who came up with it.  For those classic English Comedy film fans,  you might be able to figure out where the name came from !
 The Station is a nice kit from Skytrex,  formally NMB models.   Resin with white metal details. It went together with minimal work,  and the size fits in nicely with the space available and theme of my Col. Stephens railway.  Now time to start adding some details,  and get painting some proper figures !     I'm working on some history (fictional of course) notes for the B.B.R.,  complete with maps and slightly updated / revised track plan.    Cheers