Saturday, April 8, 2017

First Structure - A Fun side project

  I was looking for any excuse to delay painting the rails and ballasting the track, and I found it !  A very inexpensive and fun side project,  a weight bridge structure kit from Lcut.  Kit # B 70-14,  cost is only £10,  or $12 USD.  The kit is laser cut and is very high quality,  everything fit together perfectly and the whole thing was built, painted and weathered in about 2 hours.  I chose to prime it with Humbrol acrylic,  then brush paint it with Tamiya acrylics and used chalk powders for weathering.  The model takes up about 114 x 132mm,  including the base.  Photos show a little gap between building and base,  that will disappear when building is glued to the base.  I hope to improve my painting skills in this area but I think it turned out pretty good.  Now sadly onto the ballasting  :(

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Running a few Trains ~ Finally !

  Finally,  had a little spare time to run some trains !  Needed to test out all the wiring to make sure they're no problems with the control panels or anything else.    It all checks out,  so now onto ballasting & weathering the trackside.  I hope to start a major structure very soon as well !