Sunday, June 18, 2017

Summer Update - Trackwork

Hello everyone,
Where have I been ?   It's  been a little while since the last update on the BBR.  Well nicer weather,  busy with work, garden etc... have left limited time for the railway.   However I've managed to get a couple things done lately,  including painting the rails / track.   This was done with a spray can,  I know I took the easy way out !   But I will go back and brush paint in some effects in certain areas like the loco shed to add a bit of variety in rail colours,  and I'll weather the sleepers in due course.    What a difference it makes once you paint the rails,  night and day !

I've also managed to install my first buffer stop,  not exactly as exciting as a new loco,  but in O scale even a buffer stop looks impressive,  at least to me !   This one is built and modified from the Peco rail type,  I used a wood beam instead of the supplied rail one,  and installed a lantern taken from the original Peco beam.    

The next step will be continuing with weathering the track,  and then comes the fantastic,  joyful task of ballasting.   The Colonel is busy recruiting inmates at the local prison,  and looking for volunteers to get this stage of development moving forward  😊