Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Wagon With A Story

Hello Everyone,

  This post will have a bit of story attached to it.  How did a Yank with no family connections to the UK and of such young years become so fascinated with the Golden Steam Age of England ?

  Well,  it starts off with what else,  our yearly Summer family vacation.  Which without fail was always spent North of the Border in Beautiful British Columbia,  chasing SD40-2 diesels through the Thompson canyon,  followed by a visit to Vancouver.  Always a must visit for Dad & I was a special little shop called "Railway World",  in Gastown.   Owner & Proprietor was Mr. Arthur Darlington & his lovely wife Pat,  who were English.  That Hobby Shop (Sadly Long Gone 1973-2004)  is one major reason.  Looking through all the British magazines including Steam Days,  Back Track,  Railway Modeller,  Railway Bylines,  to name a few.   Display cases filled with Hornby Dublo,  and Arthur with his stories of the "Good Old'ays !"
Who needed the Internet !
 Arthur had inherited a collection of scratchbuilt O wagons from a friend who passed on,  Arthur & Pat saved these and gave them to me last year as I was getting into British 7mm.   These wagons were built by a VIA Rail Conductor,  during the 1970's,  while on the train between Vancouver & Montreal,  during his breaks !   Sadly he never got the chance to build his railway.  They are very nicely made for their time,  mostly wood and card to scale plans out of old Model Railway News magazines,  and of special meaning to me.  I've decided to do as little work as possible to bring them up to standard for my railway.   Mainly changing out wooden wheels for new Peco finescale metal ones,  adding a little weight,  and minor touch up repairs.  He even dated each wagon upon completion,  I've decided although unprototypical,  to leave it as a tribute to his work.  This particular LBSC  wagon was built in September 1977 ! 
It's taken 40 years for this wagon to finally get "put into service !"
~ Wheels out,  weight being added,  and buffers to be repainted ~
~ Finished Wagon fitted with Peco wheels ~

Date of Construction -  
Onboard a Train between Vancouver & Montreal !
What a Difference the Wheels Make !

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Track Work - Finally !

Hello All,   
Finally got the Track Gangers to work with fresh supplies from Peco,  "Albert" & "Cedric"  were hard at it from sunrise to sunset,  with some good progress.  The Mayor is hoping to have the ribbon cutting ceremony before Christmas,  the Colonel thinks we might just make it !   The only snag is lack of coaching stock,  so we will have to improvise !  Watch this space !

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Parkside North British Van

One more wagon finished off,  another Parkside kit.  This time a North British 8 ton van.  Pretty happy with the result,  although I now think I went a little too far with the weathering of the body.  I do like the color I painted the chassis - W Irons,  an improvement on the NE open wagon.   Now time to get back to work on the railway itself,  my turnouts should be here any day !!  :)