Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Coal Load for a Wagon

Evening All,
Time has been limited for rolling stock construction,  with most of the time being reserved for getting the railway up and running.  I did manage to convert another vintage 70's built wood wagon I inherited from Arthur,  and this time I made a proper load for it.   For Christmas I received some actual lumps of coal !  My Brother thought it'd be a cruel joke,  having a difference of opinion regarding politics,  but I had the last laugh  :)   It turned out to be the best gift he has ever given me,  now I'm stocked up on coal and able to fill my wagons with what I believe to be a very convincing load.  Simple to make,  cut a foam poster board to roughly the shape of the inside of the wagon,  push it in about 1/2",  paint it black,  smash some coal into appropriate sizes,  apply PVA glue and you're Set !  A photo below shows one of his unfinished wagons,  so you get the idea of his method of construction.   Now back to layout wiring  :(