Friday, December 9, 2016

Opening Day ! :))

Announcement for Boxer Bay & Surrounding Area Residents !
The Railway is now open for business. December 8th, 1916 marked the ribbon cutting ceremony. 
The Railway was officially opened by the Mayor of Boxer Bay, & Col. Stephens, who constructed the line of 32 miles. The Colonel admitted there is still work to be done ~~ just a few things like platforms, station buildings, signal boxes, signals, ballast, wiring, making the bridge structurally sound, loco facilities, tunnels, finishing track installation, building the docks, oh, and coaches for the passengers ! 
"All in Good Time" the Col. was quoted as saying. But at least we can now offer services from nowhere to nowhere !  It is fun to see a train run, even if the, uh, stock formation is a little odd !  Note the authentic Band that was engaged for this historic occasion !  Time to start painting up the Omen Figures I think ! 
Opening Ceremony ~ Complete with Authentic Band !

~ Nothing Dangerous about this  !  ~
Under Construction - To Be Finished in 10 Years ~ Give Or Take a Few

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