Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Link vs Tension Lock Couplings

 Busy Busy times, leaves little time for the railway,  but one important decision was made !  

Prototype authentic link couplings,  or a choice of auto couplers.  There looks to be hundreds of choices,  but after some thought and testing,  I picked the Bachmann OO tension lock type.  I was tempted to stick it out with the 3 link chains,  but I know my eyesight will only get worse,  and there will be a couple spots on my railway which will be hard to reach.  With the convenience of auto coupling,  and with a tool,  easy uncoupling,  the decision was easy.  I don't think they look too bad,  and when the wagons are coupled,  I can barely notice them.  Buffer locking is no longer an issue !  I tested them on 3 wagons and they worked great on curves down to 42" radius.  Kadee knuckle couplers were tempting,  but they're just too noticeable and looked odd on English equipment,  at least to me.  Installation is easy with little work,  and I can leave the original hooks,  which allows the wagons to be coupled to another wagon which is not yet equipped with TLs,  another bonus !

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