Saturday, October 15, 2016

Background Info

So,  here is a little summary of the idea behind this model railway.  Not being a native of England,  I have no special connection with any area or railway company.  I do find the time period of about 1900 to 1930 particularly fascinating,  and have a great love of the Victorian era Steam locomotive. I really like the elements of many different railway companies,  including the Col. Stephens light railways, so I've decided to model a fictional line,  allowing me to model exactly what I like !  

Location :  Somewhere along the coast in Somerset !
Time Period :   1920 - 1930
Railway  :   Boxer Bay Railway (B.B.R.)
Length of Line :  Approx.  35 Miles
Type of Line :  Coast Harbour to inland connections with GWR &  S&DJR 
Traffic :  Travellers / Coal / Peat Moss /  Hancock's Beverage Co. (Ale) / Fish  /  Farming Equipment
Locomotives :    A1  Terrier 0-6-0T  /   '02'  0-4-4T  /  1F 0-6-0T  /  Peckett 0-4-0T  + Anyothers I can get  :)  !!

What's in a name !   Don't go looking for the seaside town of Boxer Bay,  it doesn't exist !   The name comes from my love of the Boxer breed of canine,  of which I've had 4 in my life so far,  and my love of the seaside and all things maritime !   The town is supposedly based in Somerset along the coast of the Bristol Channel,  Approx. 35 Miles Southwest of Highbridge,  where it connects with the Somerset & Dorset Railway,  and Great Western Railway.  I wanted this connection as I'm also an S&D enthusiast,  in fact I owe my interest in railways in large part to Ivo Peters and his photography !

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