Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Plan !

Hello and welcome to my new and hopefully last model railway !  I've changed prototypes and scales so many times I can't keep track of all the times I've switched out one project / scale for another.  I hope this is my last great project,  and look forward to spending my life building it !

 Onto the plan.  I deliberately chose not to fill my entire 20' x 14' room with trains in all directions,  I simply don't have the energy,  time,  and most importantly,  money to do it !!  Also faced with the prospect of moving house in the near future,  I have incorporated into the plan the need to easily move this project to my next home,  so it breaks apart in 10 smaller,  fairly equal sections.  Not knowing how much room I'll have in the future,  I decided to keep it more modest.  I also feel more comfortable with this size of layout,  I'm confident I can manage to build something this size.  The layout works out to 14' x  9'6",  which allows for 4' minimum radius curves which will be sufficient for anything I intend to operate,  the Pines Express will not being passing through on this layout !    Track will all be Peco Bullhead Code 125,  and power is simple DC block control.  More details to follow.

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