Sunday, January 29, 2017

Control Panels !

 Hello everyone !
Been a very busy few months,  haven't had much time to work on the railway, but I managed to find a little in the last few weeks to do up my control panels.   Very simple,  DC block control,  just have the basic track diagram,  and section switches with the lines colour coordinated for each block.  I'm no artist so it's very basic,  but easy and simple to use,  which I like very much !   Made from 1/4" ply,  cut to shape, with drilled holes for the toggle switches,  and the track diagram drawn on white card laid on top.  In time I'll add the signals into the diagram,  and a timetable with operating instructions located at the bottom.

And this is one major reason for the lack of time,  the newest employee of the BBR !   " Niki "


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