Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My Route To O scale

 Beginning the new year, I was pondering my "model railway career" through the years that has led me to O scale.  I've tried many different scales,  gauges,  and prototypes.  However the turning point was when I purchased a vintage magazine,  Model Railway News  March 1960.   

  Inside that issue was a superb railway built by S.J. Dickson,  O Gauge in a Small Space.  I had attempted to build an O scale layout once before,  a huge layout some 36' x 14',  way to much for me and I gave up, ripped it all up and went HO.   This article showed that a very nice O railway could be built in just a small space,  14' x 10' (which now happens to be the size of Boxer Bay)

There is one particular quote from the article that stuck with me and heavily influenced my decision to stick with O,  "I think there is a minimum satisfying size for a model and to me that is 7mm scale."    After all these years I agree 100%,  you just don't get the same feeling with a model of anything in the smaller sizes,  be it a car,  building,  or even figure.  I know I'm in O scale for life.  
There is no other size as Satisfying !

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